Why You Should give Referrals to Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies are one of the popular ways to find a job. They have a lot of selective options and postings with them that make it easier for them to find the right fit for you. You’ve probably found the right job after a lot of hard work. Now, it’s time to help out your friends. Give referrals to recruitment companies and transform your friend’s career. Here are some of the ways how your friend would benefit with a referral.

Help out a friend

You know and understand the pain of job hunting. You have been through it at least once in your life, so you know how difficult it is to find that one job that clicks. And if you know a friend who is going through this same phase in his/her life, wouldn’t it be good to help them out a bit? Recruitment agencies always have a vast pool of opportunities with them. Perhaps they might have that one post which your friend might be looking for. Also, it’d be nice for them to know that you’re thinking of them especially during this uncomfortable phase.

Better odds for getting hired

If you give a referral to a recruitment firm, they will have a better chance of finding the right job for your friend. Rather than them finding your friend’s CV from a haystack of applicants, you basically hand them the pin with a bow. This not only helps the agency find the right candidate, but also helps your friend find the right job.

A better chance they would say “I do”

Finding the right job is like finding the right partner to marry. If it ain’t a match made in heaven, it probably won’t work. Giving referrals would mean you’re basically handing them the medium for the right job. This simplifies a lot of the processes they otherwise would have to endure and hence, have a better chance of saying yes to the perfect job they had been looking for.

Adapts quickly to the role

Recruitment agencies have programs that groom a candidate to not only perform well at the interview, but also adapt easily to the company’s environment. Since they would be briefed by the recruiter about the company, their culture, what works and what doesn’t, and other inside info, they are more mentally prepared to handle the work than their counterparts.

Employers prefer referrals

Many organizations prefer recruitment companies and sometimes even uses one exclusively for all their hires. But most importantly, employers love referrals. There is a trust factor associated with referrals that increases their chance of getting hired. So help out your friend by referring them.

You get incentives

This is by far the greatest advantage you’d get with a referral. If you get hired to an organization and so does your referred friend, then you get a good lump of monetary or other benefits. The incentive varies from company to company. But, it’s definitely worth a try, don’t you think?

If you’ve ever changed someone’s life by referring them to your agency, share your story with us in the comments below.


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