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Factors you should consider while changing your Job

If you are looking for a job, then it is important to think wisely before accepting any offer. Switching a job is not an easy task. One has to think about a number of aspects in order to reach any particular conclusion. Avoid taking any decision in hurry because once you quit a job, the action is irreversible. Let’s understand the important factors that you need to consider before making this career move.

Reason for job change

Be clear about ‘why’ you are quitting your current job. If you are not learning anything new and everyday is the same old routine, then it is high time you quit your job. Most people plan a job-switch simply because the other colleagues are doing the same. This is not the right approach. Do introspection and analyze your present situation. If you want to do different things and you don’t find your current job challenging enough, then start seeking for better opportunities.

Location of your new office

If your new job requires you to commute for 3-4 hour daily then it may lead to frustration after a few months. You will be doing a full-time job and spending time commuting to office and back home. You cannot afford to waste your productive hours in this way. Also, if the job is in a different city or country, then analyze the cultural shift properly. Some planning is required before you move the boxes.

The background of the new company

Conduct a detailed research of the company before you accept the offer. Every company has its own advantages and disadvantages. Read as many reviews as you can. Connect to the current and former employees via networking sites and ask for their feedback.

Job profile

This is the most important point to be considered. Read and understand the job profile thoroughly whenever you are looking for a job. In case you are not clear, don’t hesitate to ask the HR. It is not a problem if the job profile includes something new that you haven’t done before. You can learn once you start working. However, the new job profile should not be a complete mismatch with your existing job profile.

Salary hike

Understand the new salary break up clearly. It is recommended that you accept the offer only if you are getting a good hike on your last drawn salary. You can’t keep drawing the same salary that you have been drawing since years.

Other facilities for employee benefits

Provident fund, gratuity, medical insurance, travel allowance, etc. are some of the other factors to consider before you join a new organization. In case you have multiple offers, choose the one that gives you these benefits and considerations.

If you are looking for a job, keep some savings handy. It will take time to get your first pay cheque from your new company. On the other hand, your last salary will be credited after 40-45 days of quitting your job. Do all the required paperwork on time and don’t leave anything for the last minute. It is advisable that you think well and choose wisely.




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