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5 Types of Bosses you will meet in your Life

Are you looking for a job or already working in the corporate office? Apart from the organization and the nature of work, another major factor that affects your career is your ‘boss’. A good boss can teach you many things, especially if it is your first job. Throughout your professional career, you will encounter a number of different bosses. Each of them will have their own quirks, own way of working and so on. You have to understand their temperament, mentality and mould yourself accordingly till the time you are a part of that company.

•    The strict and disciplined boss
The strict one may keep a close watch on your in and out timings, monitor your work daily or weekly and may not hesitate to correct you. Always be ready to receive a warning email about your performance or indiscipline from such a boss. You will fear to voice your opinion or take your work casually. The review meetings with this kind of boss can be a nightmare. In spite, of all this you will learn a lot from him.

•    The friendly and cool one
He can be your best buddy in office. This kind of boss may accompany you to parties and events after working hours. You can share your problems with him or talk to him whenever you have a problem. Such a boss will be happy-go-lucky and not bother you about work and company regulations. Till the time you are doing the assigned tasks on time, he will have no problem with you.

•    The micro manager
This kind of boss will be the toughest to deal with. Don’t be surprised if he comes to your desk to enquire about your progress on the assigned task. He might shoot emails and reminders constantly. This person likes to dig deep into details, demands perfection and hates any kind of delays. It is better to complete your work on time and be calm while dealing with him.

•    The workaholic
This kind of boss works tirelessly and expects you to do the same. He may never utilize his paid or sick leaves and will not approve your leaves too. He is in a hurry to climb the corporate ladder. At times, you may feel that your boss has no personal life or interests. His entire life may revolve around work and the office is where he finds comfort. Expect to work on weekends or receive a call from him at 2 a.m. to change a few slides of the presentation.

•    The fair and just boss
This kind of boss will never let anything wrong happen with his team members. He will make sure you are happy with your work. He may not only appreciate you for your work, but also let the higher management know about it. He will approve your leaves if you deserve it. However, don’t take your work lightly. He may not fail to correct you whenever you go wrong.

Whether you are doing a full-time job at a top notch organization or doing an internship with a start-up firm, your boss will influence your work to a very large extent. That is why they say that choose your boss, not your job.

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