Things you should not say on the last day of your work

10 Things you should not say on the last day of your work

There are a number of job openings and opportunities for people throughout the year. Hence, people switch jobs very often. As per Telework Research Network, 1 in 4 employees intend to jump company within a year. When you switch a job, you are excited about going to a new work place. Also, there is some amount of frustration about your current job. A number of people say the wrong things when they leave the office. However, it is recommended that you should leave your company on the best terms possible.

Here are 10 things you should never say on the last day of your work.

  • I hated my job

Don’t say this on the last day. Even if you disliked you job, never use such strong words like ‘hate’. You can give a constructive and polite feedback to your manager.The boss is too bad

Even if you had differences with your boss, don’t bitch about him to your colleagues before you leave. Never say negative things or insult your boss. The best idea is to not say anything personal.

  • I will never recommend this place to anybody

You don’t need to convince people to work anywhere. It is okay to leave if you want to. Additionally, refrain from posting bad reviews about your company on social media.

  • I have got a much better job

Avoid bragging about your new company. You may be going to a much better place, but don’t keep blowing your own trumpet.

  • You should leave this place too

It is an individual’s decision to leave a company to stay. The remaining workers may enjoy their role in the company. Leave them alone.

  • I never want to come back again

Nobody expects you to come back to the place, once you leave. There is no need to say this. There are a few people who come to the same company that they left because of the comfort and nature of work. One should never say “never.”

  • This company is sinking

This will discourage the people. Don’t do this. Instead of being so negative, you can say, “All the best.”

  • You can’t manage things without me

You might be a fabulous employee, but you can always be replaced. Don’t think that the organization will stop functioning without you. Your departure is not a major a loss to anyone.

  • I won’t be available

Your help will not be needed once you give a handover to others. There is no need to act so pricey. You can say, “Keep in touch.”

  • I will be earning much more salary

It is obvious that a new job means not only better salary, but also other added benefits. Don’t let your colleagues feel bad about their earnings. Be grateful for the opportunity that you have got.

Send a ‘thank you’ note to your colleagues and boss on your last day. Do not burn the bridges. Leave like you wish to come back some day.


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